Border Crossing

Ghulam Mustafa
Mar 21, 1:01 AM
Great experience Canada ?? usa ?? big love ❤️ ❤️❤️???
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Lisa Bass
Jul 5, 9:23 PM
The woman at the front desk is extremely rude.
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Apr 23, 2:11 PM
It is closed due to construction.
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Master iOqY
Mar 10, 3:53 PM
Border agent at the booth was abrupt when we crossed from Canada into the US. It was out first time going through here as new Nexus cardholders. Where you scan your card isn't clearly marked so takes some getting used to. He asked why we were crossing and said its to eat and shop and asked a gazillion questions where we plan to shop.
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Adam Elias
Dec 23, 3:38 AM
Fast service.
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Doug Robinson
Nov 9, 4:27 AM
If you have a NEXUS pass this is the fastest entry into Canada. Rarely a wait.
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Jackie Fort
Oct 15, 8:09 PM
Always great experience when crossing the bridge
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Mike Postoff
Dec 14, 1:12 AM
Great place to get a Nexus card but to cross bridge you already have to have a Nexus card.
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A Different Point Of View
Jul 6, 6:12 PM
I and a party of co-workers scheduled our Nexus interviews on the same day so we could carpool out to Niagara and get the whole thing done easily. Experience with Customs and Border Patrol are always unpredictable as anyone who's driven across the border knows, but the Nexus Enrollment Center was staffed with friendly officers from both sides of the border, and our interviews went swiftly and without any issue - upon learning we were part of a group, they conducted our interviews in group format to move everything along faster (the "interview" is less of an interview and more of an orientation of the program and what's expected of you as a member). We elected to cross into Canada and have our retinas scanned, a free option which allows expedited international travel through Canadian airports, and were given an identification number to pass over the Nexus-only Whirlpool Bridge - but not a number to return across the same bridge, although we didn't request one. Keep this in mind as it may be necessary to travel to a less-used bridge like Lewiston-Queenston if you're returning to the US, as Rainbow Bridge is often packed. All in all, operating from what we'd read online about Nexus interviews we were nervous about what we could expect, but the experience at the Whirlpool St. office was one of the better examples of the CBP any of us could remember..
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