Kendra P.
Jul 15, 8:35 PM
I've been ordering the same sandwich since Jared was the face of subway and southwest sauce came out. I ordered a footlong of the regular finished with...
Jerry Eastman
Jul 15, 4:45 AM
Very small trucks top with friendly faces. Easy to get into and out of from I-40. Clean restrooms and even had a Subway restaurant. I didn't see of there were any showers, but I really doubt it. Be aware, There is no truck parking at all at this location.
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Christopher Carpenter
Jun 19, 12:15 PM
No showers and did make me leave after a couple hours taking a nap here.
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Kari Merritt
May 28, 7:25 AM
Bad part of town, the ISP officer knocks on car windows to clear the parking lot if they see your vehicle parked in the parking lot for a few hour stay over, no resting from driving here, warns you of car jackings and homeless people stealing. And sends you to a different truck stop for traveling rest stop. Not recomended for any traveling rest if you are needing to sleep a few hours
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Fellow Trucker
Mar 10, 7:35 PM
They always have a problem with printing out diesel receipts. It is so bad as to having to call customer service to reboot the entire system. No receipts are printed no points can be acquired or used for purchases. It’s always something at this place. Plus there is no truck parking it’s much to small for that it’s just for fueling up.
lot is full
Jan 18, 5:14 PM
Bad service, & disrespectful customers come to this location, and this is a generic love's with no hot food & except subway who charges $10 for a lousy sandwich. You can keep your cookie and broken chips
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Sr. Sinc
Jun 3, 5:01 PM
Stocked as a truck stop with adequate parking in a lot adjacent to the main lot. The fact that Im taking the time to write a review on a gas station is evidence of how impressed I was. Irene working the Subway was quick and polite.. all workers were happy and made eye contact with you to say hello. I have never had a more positive experience in a gas station. Clean bathrooms great diverse selection of stuff. Stop here.
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Fellow Trucker
Feb 26, 4:15 PM
lots of spots
Kathy P.
May 25, 7:37 AM
The Subway at Loves was perfectly clean and the food was fresh. Nice to find such place on the highway.
Stephanie J.
Mar 15, 10:58 AM
I was pleasantly surprised that this subway attached to a somewhat sketchy looking gas station produced an acceptable tasting sandwich.