Fellow Trucker
Apr 12, 9:21 PM
lots of spots
Esther F.
Feb 20, 12:38 PM
I loved this gas station. I walked in and I was kindly greeted by the employees, and the lighting was great. I felt super safe in there, which is not common...
Fellow Trucker
Jan 27, 5:17 AM
lot is full
Tim V.
Jan 23, 12:08 PM
My wife and stopped here to get gas, stretch our legs and take a restroom break. I agree with other reviewers that this location did have cheaper...
Dana L.
Jan 3, 4:27 AM
Truck stop and travel center. They usually have the cheapest gas in the area. They have a Subway. Jared no longer works there, so don't look for him. The...
Jun 11, 9:30 PM
Very clean restrooms. Great selection of snacks and drinks. Great selection of truckers supplies.
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John K
Jun 3, 8:18 PM
Good place 🙂 ... plus there's a huge lawn area to walk your dogs, horses, etc, on the South end of the property by the truck parking lot. Also, a new restaurant just opened across the street - it's good food there & open on weekends too. 6/03/2018
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Adriano Aodish
May 10, 8:24 PM
If you are a truck driver who is on a healthy diet do not eat here. The fruit and vegetables cups are not fresh. I had the strawberries then mixed vegetable cups. I only ate what good of them were left which was about half or so. I also got a sub from subway and I literally, not even exaggerating, counted 5 fruit flies at the same time on the walls and signs right behind the sandwich makers. There needs to be a health inspection here soon and I will never eat food from there again unless its packaged. Only bright side was showers being clean.
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mark tomasson
May 10, 1:46 AM
Was told this Loves had a laundry found that to be false then insult to injury the cashier was a smart alec, maybe she was having a bad day i dunno.
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Feb 26, 10:38 PM
lots of spots
Corn Dog II
Feb 13, 11:58 PM
some spots
Travis Smith
Feb 8, 2:52 PM
Customer service is always great I just wish that I didn't have to go around back to get points for my commercial gas fill ups. I'm not in a semi truck but fill up there daily, and I don't want to waste my time in the back waiting behind semi trucks just to earn points. Please fix this!
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