Walmart Supercenter

Robert and cyndee Fitch
Oct 16, 7:31 PM
Aweful. Don't waste your time. Rude service, out if product constantly
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Optimistic Girl
Aug 31, 1:25 PM
Lacking customer service, a few of female staff quite snippy, many many missed sale prices - ring up wrong on register then have to wait for someone to check out the sale price- happens so frequently one thinks it must be done on purpose, and items often displayed in front of sale price but not actually on sale. All looks like bait and switch. No more 24 hours, people stocking shelves as you try to shop around them. Few cashiers. After working 12 hours I don't feel like doing self checkout with a cart full of groceries. Easy to see corners being cut everywhere, shameful for a company that makes so much money off us. Better walmart's in nearby towns.
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J Reck
Aug 11, 12:55 PM
Great place to shop. Very friendly people. Would be 5 stars but at night the tend to close off a lot of aisles all at once for cleaning
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Monique Mondville-Minnich
Aug 6, 7:07 PM
I like the way the store is set up. Pet supplies and laundry are right next to the food so you dont have to run from one end of the store to the next. I really like the self check out lanes because there is always one open and the woman that was there watching the self check out lanes was extremely nice and friendly. Makes the shopping experience much more plesant.
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Elane Smith
Jul 25, 6:21 PM
I thoroughly hate using the U-Scans, they are supposed to be faster but after you scan 3 or 4 item's they screw up and you have to wait for the cashier who is watching 10 scanner's to come over and help you!..How is that faster??? Who ever thought of them should have their heads checked!!!!
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