Jenni M.
May 8, 6:11 PM
Really convenient rest area for trucks and trailers off to the left and the rest of you *honyocks off to the right. The restrooms were surprisingly tidy...
Jesse R.
Apr 20, 6:37 AM
Just a spot to stretch and use rest rooms plenty of parking just watch the idiots pull out without warning and the lil kids allowed to run in and out of...
Auntie J.
Mar 4, 3:14 PM
Much improved rest area. Clean, stalls of restroom are roomy. Nice displays to read when you get out of car to wiggle.
Jonathan Zimmerman
Jul 12, 12:51 AM
Good place to stop when heading south. It's near the Camp Roberts rifle range and when they're having practice,it's quite a sight to see.
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Ron M
Jul 10, 5:43 PM
Stopped to take a break during a return motorcycle trip from Laguna Seca. Nice rest stop. Thanks California Highway Department for doing a great job at maintaining most of the rest stops along the way. As an diehard motorcyclist I appreciate a good place for a break and the snack machines in working order.
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Kimmy Carter
Jun 29, 8:16 PM
Excellent rest area. Great parking, clean bathrooms, lots of vending machines (that take CC/debit). Enough nature for pets to relieve themselves, too.
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Brandon Newton
Jun 17, 2:57 AM
Really quite nice and clean for a rest area. Bathroom facilities are above average and there are vending machines for your tummy recharging needs. Lots of grass and room to run for children and pets. Interesting tidbits about the area and it's history available on the nearby informative tablets.
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Amigo Kandu
Apr 16, 7:27 PM
One of the nicest Rest Stops that I've seen on my travels. All the facility is new and in perfect condition. The bathrooms are huge with many stalls. Vending machines sell snacks, and bottled beverages. Pet areas, shade trees, very green.
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 4, 12:00 PM
no police
some spots
Fellow Trucker
Dec 30, 3:12 AM
no police