Welcome Center

Alena Grantz
Jul 16, 9:33 PM
We absolutely loved the welcome center. Very busy place! Bathrooms were very clean and kept up to date. It offered lots of other things.... And had an educational twist as well.
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Paul Winebrenner
Jul 10, 10:11 PM
I received a free grapefruit juice (orange juice is also readily available) from a very hospitilable host. Plenty of pamphlets from attractions throughout Florida, are available. Restroom, and facility cleaning standards are apparently kept quite high. This welcome center is very welcoming indeed.
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Debra Romero
Jul 9, 12:01 AM
It's beautiful. It's clean. The employees are friendly and helpful. They serve free coffee and juice. They have a lot of brochures about places in Florida and free maps. They have a huge Sandcastle. Handicap parking and entrance. The bathrooms are clean,. They have a handicap stall. Plenty of parking. A very nice place to visit.
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Sarah Coudrain
Jul 1, 2:35 PM
We love to stop here on our way in to Florida. The bathrooms are pretty clean and are large. It can be busy here though. In the main lobby area, you will find information on any place you are heading to in Florida. You can also grab some free orange juice and enjoy the ac inside. There is a children’s are with a few toys to preoccupy the kids and photo-op areas!
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Gloria Gladden
Apr 9, 6:13 AM
Wonderful experience. Beautiful place. Clean. Tons of brochures and information available. Awesome fresh orange juice samples. The only negative was that a visitor was asking an employee about the upcoming Blue Angel's show and the employee said very negative things about the show. I thought she should promote her state's attractions. Might be best not to work at the welcome center if you plan on talking people out of attending events offered. Of course, like her. Just my opinion.
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Fellow Trucker
Oct 11, 10:39 AM
no police
lots of spots