Ezekiel Wettstein
Jun 8, 9:08 PM
Everything was clean, nice picnic tables, places to walk dogs, very nice rest stop.
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Josh Timberman
Mar 6, 6:56 PM
I always like stopping here at this rest area because it has a very beautiful scenery to look at. Ann's the scenery is as to why I'm giving them 4☆.
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Heather Marie
Jul 3, 6:41 PM
Very clean rest area, convenient and close to the highway for easy access in and out. Saw no issues with reduced amount of bathroom supplies. There was a very nice area outside with a picnic table, had it not been downloading I would have enjoyed it with my children. I would highly recommend this rest area for one person or a family.
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D. Fox
Jul 1, 11:19 PM
Clean, safe and plenty of parking space... Bathrooms are very clean... What else would you need in a rest stop?
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Nicholas YouTube #Wheeltalk
Nov 10, 4:13 PM
-please like if helpful- #wheellife Nice rest area to stop and unwind. Great scenery and its very clean. We had a good little cruise and had a blast just wheeling around. I highly reccomend a stop here.
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Fellow Trucker
Aug 9, 6:59 PM
many spots