Welcome Center

Fellow Trucker
Dec 28, 8:45 AM
no police
some spots
Christina E.
Oct 28, 6:54 AM
Today was a beautiful day to grab some lunch from Memphis and have a picnic on the way back to Jackson Mississippi. Today the weather was perfect and we got...
Richard Smart
Jul 19, 9:37 PM
This was a well staffed welcome center that we stopped at because our GPS kept trying to put us on an Interstate that wasn't finished yet. They had maps and a good option to get us back on the right road for home. They didn't say it, but I got the impression that we weren't the first travelers who had been hijacked by their GPS to end up here. Good restrooms as well as competent travel information.
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Jul 15, 3:56 PM
Elegant stylish and beautifully landscaped this is a top rest stop and State Welcome Center. Like stepping into a Southern mansion, but with lovely staff offering good advice and a cup of - free fresh brewed coffee. Oh how about the free WiFi. Nice!
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Stephanie Frohwirth
Jul 7, 4:04 PM
I visit Mississippi Welcome Center several times a year. The Mississippi welcome center is always the first stop on my list. They are very warm . The employees always welcomes you with open arms. It is clean inside and out The inside is absolutely beautiful .
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Brandy Hartshorn
Jun 15, 11:22 PM
Clean bathrooms and beautiful grounds with shaded picnic tables. That being said I was disappointed to find the visitor information center with area attractions pamphlets not only closed but guarded by a uniformed officer 🤔 5pm on a Friday is prime travel time. Seems they were a little short on their southern hospitality
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john shea
May 31, 5:47 PM
Got to say this is the most beautiful welcome center I have ever been in. I thought this the moment I pulled in. It's laid out gorgeous, building the same. And so clean! Unbelievable. The topper was the staff being so friendly. The young girl at the welcome desk and the girl cleaning both so genuine. I ended up eating a sandwich at one of the picnic tables in the shade. I know it's sounds weird but best stop between Illinois and Florida!!
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Fellow Trucker
Sep 24, 3:55 AM
no police
lot is full
Fellow Trucker
Sep 7, 9:22 PM
no police
lots of spots
Jul 12, 7:56 PM
open and im being inspected!!
Brandi N.
Jun 24, 10:12 AM
"Y'all want some coffee?" echoes through the hall as each guest is greeted by warm smiles and staged living rooms reminiscent of soap opera mansions. There...
Chrys S.
Apr 29, 3:25 PM
Lobby was closed. Restrooms are in the back of the building and are quite clean. The sign on the highway says: SECURITY PROVIDED. What does that mean???...