Andy Ly
Jun 21, 8:07 AM
The restroom was disgusting. each of the toilet stalls was covered in poop and floor sticky with urine. flies was flying everywhere.
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Veronica Salceda
Jun 19, 5:09 AM
Nice rest area. Bathrooms are always clean
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Laura Ocegueda
Jun 8, 5:45 PM
I hadn't been this way to see this new rest area and it was nice and clean. Its good to know there's 2 rest areas on the way to Vegas now
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Feb 25, 4:47 AM
Half the women's restroom was out of order. People outside were walking around taking sand for hours, instead of actually cleaning, or repairing things. Awesome use of our tax $$.
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Sean Myers
Feb 21, 4:34 PM
Randomly open/closed with randomly open/closed facilities. I travel a lot and its always nice knowing that if I'm tired and need a break that this place probably will be closed. Get it together California! The grounds are always clean and well kept and I've not seen trash cans overloaded. The view here is beautiful.
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Jessie Heather Vanwormer
Jan 4, 10:20 AM
That was what they all called no mans land there was nothing but mountains nice view
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George Samprovalakis
Oct 12, 2:38 PM
Nice and clean
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Rob Johnson
May 30, 12:19 AM
This has to be one of the nicer rest stops I've ever stopped to rest in. Although it's very windy up there, that may be a seasonal thing. But be aware, when the wind blows, it's not messing around. Inside, the restrooms and facilities are immaculately maintained. Convenient off ramp and on ramp to the freeway makes this stop a no-brainer.
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Andy Paulos
Feb 23, 9:34 PM
On our way to San Diego we stopped by the Clyde V Kane rest area and we're pleased to find it very well kept and in order. When we visited they actually had the crew there taking care of the grounds and janitors cleaning inside the restrooms. There is adequate parking and room for trucks semis and vehicles
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Carlos N Diana Higuera
Dec 25, 9:01 PM
Clean restrooms at this rest area. It could've been worse for a holiday and they were pretty decent plus no line! ?? that's always a plus ?? I didn't give it a five star because there are no vending machines and we were super thirsty so we gotta make another stop somewhere else ... Where? ??‍♀️ But for now no water. ? There's two sections of restrooms but one section was closed. Each section has a lot of restrooms though. There's also a couple of special restrooms for handicaps so that's nice. This rest area also had a pet area but it kinda bugs me when they just put sand and a couple rocks in the sun bc ... C'mon poor pets, imagine we had just a couple rocks and sand to go? Not nice ? I think our pets deserve a bit better, at least some shade if they are not big fans of putting grass for our furry pets. ???? #restarea #roadtrip #california #petfriendly
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