Lorenzo Roberts
Jul 19, 5:16 PM
Mostly a truck stop. A small convenience store next to it. I felt that the restroom was tiny and dirty. Now that I know, I will personally about this location.
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Mr Charles
Jul 17, 12:21 AM
There are really no amenities here like shower or driver area. There is a Dunkin Donuts and Subway. Only four fuel lanes for big trucks and trucks are always parked there so you will be waiting for fuel. If you need a place to park for a long break across the road is a shopping center and you park over on the shop right side. Then you will have no issues
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Jun 7, 1:48 AM
They pump the gas at a good price! And they have Dunkin Donuts.
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Bob Munson
Apr 26, 4:01 AM
One of my favorite convenience stores/ truckstops. They have everything. Subway, dunkin donuts. The widest selection of energy drinks I've ever seen. Snacks, beverages lotto, they have it all and various equipment and accessories truckers need
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Bradley Skotko
Dec 31, 9:56 PM
We showed up at 1:30am and there was no fuel attendant (NJ doesn't allow you to pump your own fuel). I'm not going to say anything that will incriminate anyone but, somehow, we managed to get fuel. The other places in this same area all appeared to have an attendant present when we drove past. I can't think of any reason we would go back to this place as all the fuel places in this area are basically the same. So, unless there's something special you like at this place, you could go anywhere up the street and likely be happy.
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