Kenny McKenzie
Jun 2, 1:10 AM
A great place to make new friends!
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Alicia Stine
Mar 7, 12:13 PM
Couldn't tell you if the bathrooms are clean or any of that just stopped to take a few pics and walk around. Is beautiful to do that
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James Patterson
Nov 13, 3:38 PM
It was a beautiful rest area very well-kept very well maintained inside and I was very clean it was easy to get and it was easy to get in and out and back on the freeway and the rest rooms were very clean thank you for doing such a good job of maintaining it
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Joel Dierker
Oct 22, 6:51 PM
Nice, clean, pretty fall colors
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Cat Mandu
Jun 26, 3:23 AM
Everything was clean & easy. Not really a lot of choices for vending machines. Coffee was out of order and we really wanted it. No staff # to call someone on the doors like other places. Lots of new gardens for pollinator species & they were BUSY BEES! Loved it I mean it's MICHIGAN after all.
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Fellow Trucker
Apr 18, 8:24 PM
nothing like taking a fat ass dump here
few spots