Walmart Supercenter

C Harp
Oct 10, 11:55 PM
A vast selection of Goods and Groceries and apparel. The customer service was excellent. Definitely a great place to shop.
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Nick Napier
Oct 6, 11:15 PM
Walked by mutiple employees and wasn't greeted once. Nothing like Meijer or Kroger. Where every employee that you walk by greets you. Their were clothes scattered all over the floor in the men's area. Looked like my kids bedroom. The only reason I gave them 2 stars is because they had exactly what I needed
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Ramona Swanson
Sep 18, 6:08 PM
Had a wonderful experience getting my contacts exam. Fast, helpful, friendly. More importantly, I paid about a third of what I paid at lenscrafters. Would recommend.
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Sep 12, 12:47 AM
This Walmart has a much bigger selection than Amelia on everything we looked at. We were impressed with the craft/sewing area as well as the clothes section. Never seen a Walmart so organized before or have the look of a department store, so well done! Didn't have time to look through the entire store, but would like to shop here again.
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Rhonda Miller
Sep 10, 12:09 PM
Really like the grocery pick up. So convenient after work and picking the kids up pull in and they load your car and you dont have to drag the kids and yourself in the store.
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