Ernest Brodowski
Jul 15, 5:20 PM
Bathrooms are very clean and very nice specially for a big person.. the water pressure is amazing!!!!! Very happy!!!
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james wilton
Jun 11, 6:21 PM
The manager who is lesbian kicked me out for being straight. I was fully dressed but had a bikini top because my 2 year old breast feeds. I was kicked out because I was "offensive to children because I'm a breastfeeding mother" . She blatantly hates regular families.
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Michael Rogers
May 26, 5:53 PM
I’m very disappointed in Pilot/Flying J. No American flag flying especially on Memorial Day. What disrespect for veterans. If I wasn’t a loyal Pilot/Flying J customer I would fuel somewhere else. Really pathetic that. Also the anti gun club seems in effect as well. So I’m thinking anti American. Used to go in these fuel stops and see the American flag flying high with the state flag. Makes me sad seeing what politically correct y’all have become. Really disappointed in Pilot/Flying J’s.
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May 15, 6:18 AM
I’m a loyal pilot user and use them all over the US since I do a tonne of driving. I tow travel trailers which normally works great at the pilots but had a bad experience here. When I arrived here there were two other vehicles with Rvs trying to navigate around the pumps so i helped one of the guys with directions and then also he helped me which helped a lot as this place is far to small. Then while I’m minding my business. I get a small town cop come up to me harassing me for blocking traffic and how i should care about others. First I wasn’t blocking everyone and second he didn’t have to be so rude. I know this is nothing to do pilot but it was still on their property. Think poor planning went into designing this place. It’s not made for people towing long trailers. I know now to avoid this place
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John V.
May 14, 11:50 PM
Subway advertisement for 24/7. Specifically stopped here for food. Subway is closed. Cashier said people come in pissed off all the time. Why is it still...
Madeline M.
May 14, 11:46 PM
So frustrated. THREE at least three signs showing subway open 24/7. Subway is closed. Cashier says this happens every night. Really frustrating.
Devon W
Jan 24, 9:23 PM
This new PILOT in Santa Rosa NM is great. Nice parking for trucks and cars. Clean and easy to great to. The staff was professional and made us feel welcomed. They asked and wanted to help us with anything we need. My wife and I took a shower here after 3 days on the road. The showers are large, clean, and handicapped assessable. They shower attended seen us and stopped what he was doing and asked if we needed additional towels and we did. He got them right then. Thank you... So for a quick stop for just about all you need PILOT was great. If you need to stop your big truck and you want a motel there are a couple right across the street.
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Manda C.
Jul 23, 10:03 AM
This was our first time coming through Santa Rosa as we normally take a different route. We stopped by thinking it was a normal gas station set up to fill...
Fellow Trucker
Feb 18, 1:23 PM
lots of spots
Easy money
Feb 6, 3:09 AM
lots of spots