Walmart Supercenter

Becky Stanley Hollis
Oct 16, 5:39 PM
Love to order on line and then just pick it up. What a great way to shop.
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James Cason
Sep 22, 1:00 AM
The manager of the automotive department, Stacy I think, needs more training. She Huffs and puffs around the area, I guess, because she is a manager. But she fails in her duties as a manager in the automotive department with customer service. Her knowledge and understanding of what goes on out there in the garage is lacking. I feel she is detrimental to the store.
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Sam English
Sep 9, 1:21 AM
Walmart is the worst grocery store that has ever existed. The only reason we put up with it is because it’s the only grocery store in Decatur Texas. Prices are good but the employees at Decatur or rude and have no regard for Customerservice. There are a few good people on occasion that I will meet that do a good job. Walmart is on auto pilot they have grown too big too fast and are getting beat by the competition. Decatur Walmart is by far the worst Walmart I’ve ever shopped it.
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Festo Festo
Aug 12, 4:51 PM
Short staff it seemed like. They had one staff were other stores have 2. The inside of the store is not bad, the parking lot is dirt and needs cleaning. The lines were not bad you could get in and out pretty quickly.
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Jennifer Kilgore
Aug 6, 9:23 PM
This location can’t even keep the store adequately cool when it’s 100 degrees outside. The produce is not even cool and it stinks because some things are spoiling 🙄 I guess this is why the last few weeks I’ve ended up with produce that looked good on the outside but was bad on the inside. Not wanting to stand in line to return the produce because it’s too hot so I guess I’m just throwing away money 🤷‍♀️ thanks Walmart 👍
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