AMBEST Fuel Stop

Yegor Kochnev
Jun 14, 10:48 PM
Updated less then a day ago Trucker Path shows $1.99 for diesel but in fact it's $2.35 at the pump. Hmmm. ... Must've been an error..., yeah right. Also this location is a part of Ambest network but, wouldn't take ambucks ? Restaurant is pretty good. But the question is , does it worth losing close to $100 in fuel price difference ?
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TruckerGitty .
May 16, 4:47 PM
Decent, clean, coffee and food. Under construction for a looooong time. Porta potties, no showers.
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David Edwards
Mar 26, 11:20 PM
Really glad to have found this place. People are friendly and helpful, food is good [restaurant takeout is open] and plenty of items to stock your truck with. I'll definitely be adding this place to my favorites.
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Charlene Clark
Jul 14, 3:40 AM
I with there was a better way to rate the convenience store from the "restaurant ". The convenience store is clean, bright and has a nice selection of items. The clerk at the clerk out was nice and friendly. I would stop at the convenience store again. The so called restaurant was clean and the waitresses nice enough, but the food was some of the most pathetic I have eaten in YEARS, and the service from the kitchen nonexistent. I had a "hamburger ", the meat was tasteless and actually burnt on the outside and the bun dry. My husband had a BLT. Cardboard bacon. Romaine lettuce (on a BLT ?) But most of all it took 45 minutes for us to get our food as the cook did the hamburger first and then started the BLT. One item at a time. Never again.
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Zohair Hadi
Jun 14, 2:08 PM
Decent truck stop and restaurant for Truckers and travelers. Good food and always enough parking available. I usually do my 30mins break at this place. Prices are very good/reasonable as well. Only complain/request I have for this place is Lack of wifi here. If only they add free WiFi for their customers then it would have been awesome.
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 29, 8:38 PM
many spots