Walmart Supercenter

Barbara hughes
Sep 25, 8:31 PM
Really like online buying.. they the workers need to work on picking out better produce
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Tomsr Smith
Sep 13, 5:43 PM
Store was clean and the shelves were fully stocked. Liked that there was several checkouts that were open.
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Shirley Coblentz
Sep 2, 10:04 AM
Shopping was a breeze. It is always a clean store. The problem like always, long lines at check out. Might as well get a robot as a cashier. The friendly warm smile of a cashier is gone. Walmart must intentionally hire these kinds of people. Come to think of it, nobody who works there had a smile.
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Richard Coleman
Jul 25, 7:49 PM
Gotta love it. Minimal cashier's on duty now at Wally World. I just self scanned through the checkout. At the door, I get asked for my receipt. The young lady checks the two six packs of pop hanging on the side of my cart and then looks through my bags for a couple other items. What the actual hell?!? You don't trust people to self scan, then put employees back on the register!!! I don't get a discount for doing an employees job. Maybe it's time that EVERYBODY use the order/pick-up from now on. Nothing but Walmart employee shoppers cruising the store. Maybe it's time to go back to Meijer and Kroger.
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Marc Schlamersdorf
May 22, 3:53 AM
Pretty good Walmart. It's clean and a good selection of products. People I was with found what they were looking for. Pretty quick at the check outs. You can usually get in and out pretty quick if you are in a hurry. Unlike the one on the other side of town, which only has two cashier's at a time
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