Welcome Center

Haley R.
Sep 16, 11:35 AM
My husband and I love traveling! We try to travel once every two months before we officially move and settle down. One of our major spots we always take are...
Tony S.
Aug 11, 9:46 AM
Very well maintained facility, both inside and out. The the restroom was nice and clean as well. Now, time for another shameless plug: if you do a lot...
derek vermeland
Jul 6, 12:00 PM
Everything was very clean. Well maintained. Good place to stop.
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 20, 10:17 PM
no police
some spots
Rain McKenzie
Jun 3, 12:06 AM
Friendly welcome center staff, clean restrooms, Payphone, water fountains, visitor brochures, information kiosk, pet area, art sculptures, picnic tables outside and walking trails. Easy access in and out with plenty of truck parking. Thank you for providing a clean and comfortable rest area. :-)
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Terrence Brunt
May 22, 11:51 PM
I'll have to say that most rest area to stop at or all top notch. Handicap parking cars and trucks also semi truck parking. Restroom access for men and women also vending machines digital weather machines and road maps for each state that you're in in this case Iowa for me. during the day there's always someone working at the rest areas so if you have questions and answers for you. it's also a nice place to take a quick nap if you really tired and sleepy
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Lynne Westphal
May 6, 11:50 PM
Nice clean facility. Clean rest rooms with no “air fresheners“ (some of us can’t tolerate those things). Way to go Iowa.
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Hakim Shaw
Apr 1, 3:17 PM
Very nice beautiful rest area lots of parking for small and large semi trailers. Good for walking around the rest area for stretch.
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Nov 8, 7:56 PM
no police
Fellow Trucker
Jun 23, 5:03 AM
no police
lot is full
Fellow Trucker
Apr 21, 11:02 PM
no police
Jerry M.
May 28, 7:10 PM
"Harvest" is the theme of this rest area, there are ten sculptures, mounted on stainless columns by Thomas R. Stancliffe. The sculpture indoors is titled...