David B.
Feb 8, 4:53 AM
If I had to label this review, it would be "Truckstop Going to Seed". I have been going to this Love's ever since it opened and I'm starting to notice it's...
Yusuf Firat
Jul 12, 10:54 AM
People at checkouts should be welcoming. I felt I am talking to a wall when I was paying. I was there 7/11/2018 at 4pm.
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Richard Alewine
Jul 10, 2:06 PM
Clean and well lighted. Decent selection and prices. I stop here when passing through for a pit stop.
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Tango Cash
May 19, 6:27 AM
Dawg I am a love's platinum member and never complained about any LTS but this one is as bad as it gets. Number one complaint is staff urinate on towels let dry and then hand over as clean towels for drivers to us as clean towels. Trust homeboy, stay out of this place. No love for truckers then no support from us, let it close down. We deserve better than this.
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Randy Matsh
Apr 1, 1:19 AM
I Love Loves ! Ive never been to a bad Loves! The rewards are awesome for people like myself who get 100 gallons plus per day or every other day. Enjoy their fresh fruit, just to mention one thing of so many I like about Loves.
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James Beach
Mar 12, 10:46 AM
This Love's Travel Stops is small. There was only two stalls in the men's bathroom, but the bathroom was fairly clean. There is only three showers; I counted. The store was very small, but has what is needed. There is also a Subway in here, but the eating area is small. Only eight auto pumps at this one as well. The trucks need a better entrance; some were waiting to get fuel, and some were waiting to park. I think next time, I will stop at the I-40 Truck Stop on exit 35, or the rest area at mile marker 36.
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K W.
Mar 12, 10:40 AM
Friendly staff welcome you when you come into the store. Fresh fruit and other options to snack healthy while on the road. Lots of fresh coffee to keep you...
Feb 26, 4:35 PM
some spots
Dec 28, 11:42 AM
lot is full
Fellow Trucker
Sep 27, 8:56 PM
some spots
Fellow Trucker
Mar 15, 1:29 PM
some spots
Ellen C.
Nov 29, 7:35 AM
Tiny Loves out in the middle of nowhere. Really nice employees. I needed a shipping box and they were happy to help. Clean and friendly. About 10 truck...