Don Vo
Jun 22, 8:12 PM
Huge rest area a ways out. Didn't really expect how well built this rest area is considering what it's for. Outdoorsy kind of place that feels more like a park than a rest area.
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Jason T. Chun
Jun 8, 10:14 PM
1Cell bar & around 50 truck spots. This place may just be the biggest RA I've visited to date. Don't forget I rate according to cell bars. It's almost too spacious and well hidden from I10. Lush greenery surrounds all around & the frown from having to walk too far to the restroom goes away after a short while.
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Madison Meisenbach
Feb 26, 3:46 PM
This rest stop was very clean and well maintained. It was patrolled by security so it was safe. When you pull in, you need to keep going to park by the restrooms (the exit dumps you into the bottom parking lot and the restrooms are at the top).
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T Allred
Aug 11, 5:04 PM
This is a beautiful location! Clean, nice picnic areas, and well maintained. Going during the day with a lunch and time to relax next time.
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Bruce Banner
Aug 11, 2:02 PM
Very nice place to stretch your legs. Bathrooms were well maintained and even had vending machines there. The staff that keeps it clean are doing a wonderful job!!
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