Walmart Supercenter

Oct 9, 12:14 AM
My previous response was rather emotionally charged, so I decided to revise it. Over all the store isn't terrible. In fact it is a wonderful place to shop. How ever miss treatment of employees leaves Manny of them miserable and causes a bit of a damper on the over all shoping experience. Furthermore needs more cashires.
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Geigei Reeves
Sep 10, 6:58 PM
Ok I love Walmart! Don't get me wrong. I'm giving it a 3 star because I am the type of person that pays attention to my surroundings at all times and in Walmart there are these creepy guys that I think do security for people stealing. If you go to the movie section and pick up more than 3 movies they follow you around. I had a hard time at first going in there I didn't like that.
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Aug 20, 1:51 PM
I usually go in in the early morning when it's not crowded. They have fresh fruits and vegetables and basically everything you need to get your day going. I use the self check-out because Walmart employees aren't the happiest people on Earth. They must be mistreated by the higher ups. But anyway, this is a nice Walmart and you'll find what you need at a decent price.
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AmillieX 9000
Jul 27, 4:18 AM
Been going to this Walmart for years. Overall looks nice, I appreciate them remodelling some of the areas and really like the new selections in every department. However sometimes they're out of these I always get. The Walmart pick up team is also really nice and we rarely have to wait. One thing that is frustrating there are a ton of new self checkout machines but almost always closes when I go about 12 after work, or cannot find an employee if the machine malfunctions.
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GLS Traveler
Jul 24, 6:45 PM
Since the remodel this store has gone severely downhill. For as long as I remember, Walmart was extremely rarely out of anything I needed or wanted. But since the remodel, I can count on them being out of several items on my list every single time. And not only are they out of the item(s) but they have remained out of the item(s) for over a month at times. Not only that, but the area where that item belongs has random junk laying about it, such as parts of boxes, plastic, misplaced items from other areas of the store - and I have gone back and seen it remain junked up and empty for weeks at a time. I also have heard, and had conversations with other shoppers, who are complaining about the same problems. I would be embarrassed if I were Walmart. I've never seen it so bad as the past year. I am about ready to go somewhere else (and pay a little more) just to know they will have what I need. I may start posting pictures of the shelves like others here have done.
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