Walmart Supercenter

Brent Ferris
Jun 19, 2:16 PM
Clean, covid-19 aware and safe. however, a large portion of items were out of stock. it looked like the ordering manager quit. half of the things i went there for were sold out. I'm not taking about Toilet paper and hand sanitizer and face masks, I'm talking about shoe polish, super glue zip ties oil for a car. Things that other stores have plentiful amounts of.
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Jun 16, 11:19 PM
The two boys that delivered my groceries in pick up section were very sweet and fast
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Lisa Falvey
Jun 8, 8:32 AM
Fair to good. Off Henderson in CLEBURNE. Only fair because they're frequently out of items (not just tp), it's difficult to find an employee for assistance and the parking lot entrance/exit is a nightmare! On the good side, since half of it ships in from China, the prices are cheap!
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Dorine Hahn
May 28, 6:33 AM
Really good, considering all that is going on. I was upset, to find out that at 75, there was no place to sit while waiting for my sister to finish shopping. I do understand, but couldn't there be a coral for (cleaned) fold up chairs that a person could get to use and then, it be cleaned and put back in the coral for the next person? I know the benches couldn't be kept cleaned.
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dana headrick
May 22, 7:49 PM
Best trip to Wal-Mart ever!
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