Pilot Travel Center

Aug 21, 12:27 AM
Good coffee and clean bathrooms. Friendly service. A great place to take a break and fuel up on a road trip!
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Aug 3, 6:00 PM
A pro about this truckstop is their location, next to I 26 as well as the easiness to get in and out for both cars and trucks. A con is that four wheelers don't respect the parking spaces for trucks and management doesn't enforce it either. So you have four wheelers (cars, etc.)parking where trucks should go and blocking the truck's ability to leave the area. If the store fixes this issue, they would be golden!
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Drew D
Jul 21, 9:37 PM
Easy to get in and out with a car as well. Gas usually a bit cheaper than others around it. Well stocked. Always has a restaurant attached. Really appreciate the 5 gallon buckets full of windshield wash for the bugs. I look specifically for these travel centers on my trips..
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Regina Presnell
Jul 6, 6:46 PM
The staff is always friendly and helpful here. The gas is usually reasonable. However, during peak travel areas, especially in the summer, the parking lot is difficult to get into and out of, and the restrooms may be left unattended for a while. Food and other prices are standard. The app and rewards card may help you save some money. The built-in McDonald's is hit or miss, sometimes with 15 minute wait times, and the customer service there seems to depend on the time of day.
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Mitch Jinright
Jun 30, 4:25 PM
It was super busy at noon, which would be expected. But the McDonald's crew were able to push tons of order out pretty quickly. The cashiers in the convenience store section were friendly and polite. Restrooms were not horrible.
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Fellow Trucker
Oct 1, 8:06 PM
some spots
Apr 4, 6:43 AM
lot is full
Fellow Trucker
Jul 29, 2:48 PM
lots of spots