Walmart Supercenter

Sep 21, 1:27 AM
5 STARS for the very nice young lady at the self check-out. 1 STAR, for saying the products were in stock, and the store doesn't even carry them. Boo!
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martha meyer
Sep 16, 8:25 PM
The staff was very pleasant and helpful. I found 2 really great clearance deals on indoor plants! The store had a nice variety of fall decor at reasonable prices. It was nice not to see Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time, but I am sure that will be happening quickly lol
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Aug 4, 9:21 AM
The grocery pick up is so convenient. I swing in after work and my groceries for the week are loaded into my car. It's nice not to have to load heavy things like packs of bottles of water into the car myself.
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Rick Bernard
Jul 3, 1:18 AM
It was a relaxing shopping experience. Employees were friendly and helpful. I finally had the time to figure out the store. It's really big with a great selection of stuff. I will be back!
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Tanya Gilbert
Jun 20, 10:37 PM
The employees have always been pleasant to me. I am giving it a low rating because they have started a new thing where you stand in line forever ( because they only have a couple manned lines open). Then on the way out the door you must stand in line to have the one greeter at the door scan your receipt and then look for whatever items in your cart that her scanner tells her to scan again. It has turned us off from shopping here. We now go to Kroger.
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