Walmart Supercenter

Jennifer Mauter
Jun 20, 2:46 PM
Love this service! Never had problem with accuracy Always perfect. Thanks for keeping us safe
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Mario Vargas Jr
Jun 8, 4:27 PM
Found everything I needed quickly the employee's were very helpful
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Chris Wyant
Jun 6, 11:26 PM
Ask for help finding a travel baby formula holder. After chasing down a associate he told me he doesn't work in the department, so he could call someone who would know or if he could look in the Walmart app. He told me I need to walk to customer service and ask them! This total floored me that this young kid who is getting paid for customer service could be so absolutely lazy. Then I tried to call the store to see if someone could come to the baby section to help, but no one answered the phone. Very disappointed in Walmart we have bought one from Perrysburg's Walmart.
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Beth Myers
Mar 7, 5:13 PM
One stop shopping. Groceries, health and beauty, lawn and garden needs, grab some automotive gear and holiday shopping all at the same time. Oh and Happy Easter ya'll
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John Winningham
Jun 14, 9:21 PM
What can I say.everbody shops at Wally world.
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