Sue A.
Apr 30, 8:47 PM
Crazy D's is a truck stop!! The restaurant is amazing!! The people were very nice! Made us food even though they were closed!! Thank you for accommodating us!!
Jamie Godman
Jul 21, 12:47 AM
Great mom n pop place to park for the night. Huge lot but not many trucks parked there usually, so you'll always find a spot.
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Philip Gundlach
Jun 26, 12:56 AM
Never expected to find authentic Mediterranean food at a truck stop but this stuff is phenomenal! The gyros were some of the best iveI ever had and I'm 99% certain even the fries are cooked to order. Definitely stopping in again.
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Erika Hughes
May 26, 6:09 PM
Had a great random stop here. Looks rough on the outside but we saw that they had Mediterranean options so we decided to try it. The hummus was delicious!! My chicken /bacon wrap was also huge for $ husband had the crazy club which he said was great! Really nice people to top it off!
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Samuel L
May 19, 1:13 AM
I’ve fueled here numerous times and every time I visit there’s seems to be some kind of drama inside but I can see that they are trying. Decided to have a meal today but skeleton crew in the kitchen so I didn’t want to get anything complicated ( fairly busy menu) and just ordered a cheeseburger and fries. Burger was OK as were the fries. I wouldn’t call neither great but not bad either. Staff is friendly with theres plenty of parking between the canyon sized pot holes. Bathrooms could use help ...
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Larry Crews
May 10, 3:21 AM
This place has one of the best porkchops I have ever eaten!!!. The owner and staff are great people and they have great prices on their menu. If you can make the time to stop I can assure you it's well worth it and you will be glad you did. I personally will go out of my way just to stop in here whenever I get the chance..
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 15, 3:40 AM
lots of spots
Eva J.
Jan 13, 9:05 AM
Absolute DUMP!! Gas is $1.00 per gallon higher than other stations. Petro and Loves at the next exit. Dont say I didnt warn you. Dont you love how the...
Tina R.
Oct 31, 7:57 AM
Folks were wound up this morning. Had eggs, meat & home fries. Passed up the coffee. It is flavored water, not much taste. Made my own espresso this...