Brianna Kilpatrick
May 7, 2:31 PM
It's a rest stop...not sure what else to say. It is clean and easily accessible from the highway.
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Tammy Newman
May 1, 6:13 AM
This restop, is located just right kspt very clean, and nice for a strech
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Mychael Lawyer
Apr 24, 12:36 AM
Great for parking but no vending machines.
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Michael Broadhead
Mar 17, 6:40 AM
Clean and warm in the winter. Placed perfectly between Riverton and Casper.
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Natalie Krusemeier
Mar 8, 4:59 PM
This place is a godsend if you are traveling from Riverton to Casper. Just when you think you can't take it any longer, and you're going to have to try to find a jar or pull over on the side of the road, the waltman rest area approaches. Sweet relief. Sweet, sweet relief. A God bless this rest stop. I am only giving four stars instead of what would seem like deserves a five star rating, based on location and price and access, but... This location does not have vending machines. This would be great if it had vending machines. Now that I dehydrated I would like to rehydrate my body.
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Natalie Krusemeier
Feb 8, 4:13 PM
Woo. This is a welcome site on a 2-hour drive after you have had a couple of cups of coffee or a couple of diet cokes. This rest area is the perfect distance between Riverton and Casper and extremely necessary due to the lack of facilities along the drive. I only gave this four stars instead of five however because I feel like this area could use a vending machine or two.
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Yuyi Davis-Cedeño
Nov 19, 6:09 PM
Very well kept and we are thankful to the State of WY for the wonderful Job...It was great to stretch our legs and see Antelopes gracing.
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Jim DeLung, Phd REALTOR
Aug 15, 1:39 PM
Huge pull-in spots for RV and trucks along with ample vehicle spots. 3-stall pet area.
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Plumeria Bodhisattva
Jun 15, 1:17 AM
It has a huge parking area but seems it has only one picnic table. It has an enclosed pet area and a clean restroom.
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David Stewart
Aug 2, 9:29 PM
Wyoming really knows how to do rest areas. "They're a safe haven," my wife says. Clean, enclosed, and always with a bit of history or information about the area. Not just a hole to do your business in.
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