Walmart Supercenter

Denise Nugent
Sep 22, 1:01 AM
My daughter and I had to buy some essentials today, and our local Walmart always has what we need at reasonable prices.
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Sep 7, 8:43 AM
There isn't a star for "0'.I've called to report a breach into my account twice! I get no response, or a run around. I was given a number to call from a helpful response.I'll continue my search until I get results. Thanks
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Tiffany Talbert
Sep 1, 3:40 PM
They had a pretty good variety for a small town but they need more cashiers working, especially on the weekends. Self checkout doesn't replace experienced humans.
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Kristian B
Aug 31, 5:49 PM
They've changed it up especially around the Electronics section but it works. Phillip in electronics was very helpful and a cool dude. Still trying to remember what actor he looks like...
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Heather West
Jul 4, 1:31 AM
I so love grocery shopping this way. I LOVE the grocery pickup app. Very fast super friendly associate. Order was right first time. I think I will do more grocery shopping online.
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