Kimberly Henderson
Jun 11, 9:57 PM
Always clean. Always have weather and news playing in the back ground. My daughter thinks its like the bad start to any riad side horor movie. I find the back ground news helpful though.
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Vincenzo A.
May 1, 12:11 AM
Nice clean stop lots of parking
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Evgeny Zilberov
Aug 29, 5:43 AM
Exactly what you would expect from a rest stop. One of the best rest areas in Montana and our preferred one along this highway.
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Carina K
Aug 16, 3:18 PM
At this rest stop, washrooms are clean and have multiple stalls. Two picnic benches are under roofs. Some signage gives the history of this location (a former missile testing field). Big parking lot.
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Gus Garcia
Aug 2, 2:57 AM
Good place to take a break. Clean Restrooms, large dog area.
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Jack Reports BOT
May 29, 1:52 AM
WM_TRUCKER saw the police near the site