Walmart Supercenter

Gregory Horton
Sep 6, 10:53 PM
Reasonable prices and quick self checkout
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Vickie Shannon
Sep 4, 12:33 AM
It's a Wal-Mart. Nothing fancy. They stock what they want you to buy. Prices are ok. Quality is average at best. Store goes from clean to not clean. It is a place to shop.
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Embyr Johnson
Aug 11, 3:06 AM
Who doesn't love (or love to hate on) Wal-Mart? With the pushing of there PickUp section enlargement it's easier and faster than ever to get exactly what you need, for the lowest price usually, and go. The only draw back is the Center, Tx, Wal-Mart has transitioned and designated a quarter to a third of it's parking lot to Reserved for PickUp parking. Between the vendors of some sort always outside the entrances/exits and now with the available general parking space decreased, it can seem a little cluttered and/or 'bull in a China shop'-ish.
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Nichole Rhoades
Aug 2, 6:30 AM
Love this store it's big and better then any Walmart I've ever been too!!
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Grady HT
Apr 15, 11:56 PM
The ladies in the pharmacy are great! One of my meds was out of refills. They kept me informed of the progress even if there was nothing to update. We had a couple of laughs! I thought that was nice to try to make my wait enjoyable.
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