Arthur Hurlburt
Jun 20, 1:27 PM
More like a public park then a rest area. Great stop.
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jeffer davis
May 19, 6:47 PM
great clean place. nice walking paths as well
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Barek Hunt
May 1, 9:47 PM
Very nice rest area. Clean bathrooms. Well maintained. Nice variety of vending machines and an area for coupon books and papers for the area. These are nice when looking for hotel deals when passing through. The picnic areas are clean and well shaded. There was no bad smells in our outside the bathrooms.
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Jamie Vail
Feb 9, 1:40 PM
Nice and clean. Pet walking area also.
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Earl Hartsell
Feb 14, 1:49 PM
The restrooms are clean and in reasonably good condition. I have seen staff working around the location from time to time. So it looks like they are doing a good job of maintaining the location. It is a good place to have after drinking that big gulp. When you are driving through this place is very useful.
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Fellow Trucker
Feb 1, 4:38 PM
no police
some spots