B Rocker
Jul 6, 1:39 PM
Clean restrooms for a rest stop, no soap to wash hands hower. Bring your own hand sanitizer.
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Steve Japalucci
Jun 20, 1:33 PM
Nice rest stop, Very dusty, but I like it. Be extra caution driving around here as the road workers can pop up outta the dust like magicians (God Bless their souls) When they say road work, they mean it. Fast winds and dust storms. This rest stop had everything you would ever need. Even showers. That was a bonus.
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Clemmy Magee
Jun 13, 7:16 PM
Nice rest area in the middle of nowhere. Truck parking in dirt lot. Fornication and demonic activity across the street if you like to displease your creator. Restroom is clean shockingly despite the flies. Still, bring wet wipes and hand sanitizer. :)
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Bill Sprague
Jun 5, 11:29 PM
Location is in a good spot because it is a long ways between stops. Small rest, but has other areas to parking near by
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Paula Opperthauser
Apr 23, 2:33 AM
Great rest stop on the way to Death Valley! Super clean picnic area with lots of trash bins. Nicely landscaped. Clean restrooms but no hand soap. Gas station and mini mart within walking distance if you're overnighting. Fantastic sunsets too!
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