May 28, 6:11 PM
few spots
Fellow Trucker
Aug 27, 3:34 AM
few spots
jack sneed
Jun 5, 11:35 PM
Amazing rest area check this place out
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Mel Köberle
May 22, 10:47 PM
Literally the most beautiful rest stop I have ever been to. Hold it until you get here! Everything is either brand new or recently renovated. Extremely clean and tidy. ?? The landscape / views / picnic areas are just perfect. They also have recycling for all the trash you collected on your drive here. Looking forward to stopping here on our way home ?
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dppd971212 .
May 12, 1:02 AM
Reliably clean time and time again. Amazing spot!
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dee pee
Dec 7, 12:43 AM
Cannot Believe I am rating a Rest area. Small little rest area. Quaint little river near the rest area. One can pull out a nice Comforter, spread it out on the lawnand relax. Take in the Mountain views (Smokey Mountains) and breath in the Crisp Mountain air.
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Jason Larkins
Oct 8, 7:00 PM
Very clean and grounds are well kept.
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Will Chatham
Aug 26, 8:38 PM
This is a very well maintained rest area. There is a nice little stream with a creek that runs into it, and the rest area is wedged between them. There are great benches and areas to hang out, walk around, and use the facilities. Definitely one of the more impressive rest stops I've ever seen in my life.
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Shelia Arnold
Mar 5, 11:47 AM
Wow...what a beautiful place. Great stop
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Amy Terry
Sep 30, 6:45 PM
Lovely, clean place to stop. Nice deck to relax and listen to the babbling creek. Several picnic tables and recycling recepticles.
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Dylan Floyd
Jul 19, 2:07 PM
This is the best rest area that I have ever been to. It's perfect after a long road trip or even just a sight-seeing trip. Very well kept, and lots of signs detailing the Trail of Tears. I would highly recommend this rest area to everyone. Especially if you love little streams and creeks. Plus a huge picnic area/walkway.
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Kim Ragan
May 2, 11:31 PM
Always spotlessly clean. The landscaping is gorgeous & it's a great place to stop for a break with the picnic tables out by the flowing stream.
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