Jack Reports BOT
Feb 18, 8:16 PM
Redtruckcard saw the police near the site
Jack Reports BOT
Feb 18, 1:57 AM
JoeCovielloTruck saw the police near the site
Jack Reports BOT
Feb 18, 1:54 AM
Briantruck saw the police near the site
Jack Reports BOT
Feb 12, 2:09 PM
Us_and_a_Truck saw the police near the site
Bilel kribi
Aug 14, 1:14 PM
I loved this place in Vermont. Very creepy because empty!! But coffee Inside and a lot of information about the area as well.
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Diane Mitchell
Jul 27, 9:40 PM
Rest area's a nice place to stop to stretch your legs and bathroom break's
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Keith Manheck
Jul 23, 2:02 PM
This place is a great place to stop to have a picnic because you can go out in the back and there's nice woods and they have a number of picnic tables there it's just nice relaxing place to do more than just stop and go to the bathroom because frequently if we're going up to Montreal will stop there and have a nice picnic lunch and then pack up and continue the trip but it's a good place to relax or close to an hour the best one that they have is actually up near Lebanon New Hampshire on 89 as well too because I'm that one when you walk through the rest area through the building you come out the back same thing there's a lot of picnic tables and you've got an absolutely fantastic view because you're at a high elevation and you look down in this nice small lake and in the Fall colors are absolutely spectacular it's probably one of the best views you see on 89 itself.
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Todd Jamieson
Jun 17, 12:51 PM
Lovely area.... Very peaceful and we'll accommodated facility.
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Corina Mayo
May 23, 3:03 AM
First rest area coming out of Quebec. We got there past 8 p.m. so I understand there was really no one there to assist. Bathrooms were okay and coffee tasted old since it was sitting for quite some time.
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Fellow Trucker
Mar 18, 4:50 PM
Dot inspection
Fellow Trucker
Sep 27, 4:48 PM
Dmv safety inspection today
Fellow Trucker
Feb 28, 12:44 AM
no police
lots of spots