Richard Jester
Jul 12, 11:44 PM
Nicely placed for a break. Clean restrooms.
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Jim Banks
Jun 30, 1:28 PM
Always very clean rest stop.
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Donald Hogsed
Mar 20, 6:55 PM
Attendant helps people who are broke down, lost, out of gas. Exceptional service
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J Mas
Mar 20, 3:10 AM
Pretty great little stop. The views are nice and the buildings are as well.
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Bubba Banks
Mar 2, 4:02 AM
Best place to do your business in South Pass!
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Stefan Ist Van Herix
Dec 17, 2:34 PM
Super clean far as the facility but no parking for large vehicles..
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James Day
Sep 5, 4:58 AM
Great place to stop and have a picnic. The restrooms are clean and you feel safe. There is grass and tables to eat on. I nice area to stop.
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Brock Caskey
Jan 30, 5:57 PM
I don't usually stop at rest stops but this one stands out. It was SUPER clean and in a convenient place. We'll done!
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Hunter Miller
Jan 15, 8:30 PM
Very clean and a great place to stop on a long trip.
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bethany baldes
Sep 27, 3:10 AM
Always clean. Only place to stop for a long time!
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