Kathy X
Jun 25, 6:52 PM
Good stopping point between Roswell and Vaughn to use the restroom. Easy on and off.
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Ana Nimus
Jun 15, 11:36 AM
The wind tunnel table area is very cool, acts like an ac tunnel. Visited it randomly on the way to Colorado, was so nice visited it on the way back. Flushing toilets, pretty clean for a rest area, toilet paper Great place to walk the dog
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Linda Arredondo
Jun 3, 5:54 AM
I suppose this rest stop is better than no rest stop. The restrooms are basic and windowless. There is not a sink only a pump with hand sanitizer. Not my favourite rest stop.
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Stephen fallis
May 21, 3:16 AM
Half way between Roswell and Vaughn New Mexico. Fenced in area for the dogs. Great place to feel the beauty of New Mexico.
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Rod Smith
Apr 19, 1:32 AM
The drive between Vaughn and Roswell is a little bit like crossing the Atlantic Ocean except it's desert. It is 100 miles of absolutely nothing except for this little rest stop. It's about 10 miles past the half way point if you are heading to Roswell, so it's a good place to stop before you push the last 30 mins. Also, it's right under a cell tower so there's that.
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