Fellow Trucker
Nov 3, 12:06 AM
some spots
Erin Armijo
Jul 17, 4:43 PM
Tip: call when you are 5-10 minutes away and have it ready for you to go if you dont have time to sit down for a meal. Whenever we are travelling between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we grab lunch to go from this spot. The staff is always very friendly and gives great service. The breakfast burritos and hamburgers are the main go-to favs items, but I have had other items which were good too...surprisingly good food for a truck stop!
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Bianca Vigil
Jul 2, 3:13 PM
It’s a cool place for the gas and to play slots but some of the lady’s are very rude and dry it’s like a different atmosphere at the casino !! I had some donuts that were pretty stale consindering their price they should make sure they are fresh also the lines could be very long
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Jack Tapie
Mar 14, 1:30 AM
The wait staff is always friendly and the food is very good. Love their red chilli.
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jason lawrence
Mar 12, 7:15 AM
Extremely great people and food at the travel center. If you leave hungry then something's wrong with your intestines. Also, if you're a trucker who's needing a place to stop for the night north of Albuquerque (about 20 miles north of the 40/25 interchange), then stop in here, you'll ALWAYS find parking (even if you have to get a bit creative every great now and then). I don't even bother with the Albuquerque truck stops anymore, I just get everything I need here, except for showers.
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Jorge Kauffman
Feb 15, 9:30 AM
Restaurant hours 6am to 9pm. Convenience store 24/7. Usual selection of sugary substances. Friendly staff
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Tony V.
Dec 4, 8:36 PM
The PUEBLO RESTAURANT is on U.S. 25, halfway between Albuquerque and Santa Fe at the San Felipe Casino exit, right behind the gas pumps. Hidden in the...
Tony M.
Aug 21, 10:48 AM
This a quick place to grab a bit between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The menu is what you would expect at a truck stop with a few Native touches. For where...
Keith B.
May 7, 9:01 AM
I stopped in here for lunch a few days ago coming back from El Paso. I have eaten here a few times in the past, and always thought it was a decent...