Walmart Supercenter

Jamie Sturgell
Jun 19, 11:52 PM
Never have what I need, but shows available in store online. No one offers assistance as they were sitting on stools hanging out, talking on their phones while walking through, wasn't even aware customers existed. When asked for assistance, it was like I had asked her to move a mountain or something. Walked slowly to look for what I had asked for and slowly back.
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Terri Fitch
Jun 6, 12:45 AM
Walmart, I guess,will always be my go to store.... As much as I like online shopping and going to other stores; I always wind back at Wally World!!!! They are like that comfortable pair of shoes or jeans that you always go back to.....
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Elisa Artis
Jun 1, 10:03 PM
Great selection and friendly service. Unfortunately lately they've been out of a lot of items. I'll give the benefit of the doubt considering the pandemic and I'm hoping they do better with their in-stock of popular items.
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dominic foor
Feb 18, 7:00 PM
Store was not the cleanest. Overall clean enough though. The electronics area was nice cause they actually had a lot in stock. Customer service was quick & friendly as well
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Frank Lombardo
Aug 30, 10:37 PM
Needed some paint. No one at paint counter. No one around paint counter. Waited and called store via my cellphone. They said they would page someone. I have waited almost 45 minutes at this point. My advice is buy your paint anywhere except Walmart. They obviously are too busy to help their customers. They deserve zero stars, but I have to give them 1 for a review.
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