Jeremy Meyer
Jun 16, 5:20 AM
Great rest area. Lots of grassy area, very green and lush. A couple of picnic table areas covered with wind blocks. Bathrooms were clean, they had a diaper changing station in the men's room, very helpful. Stainless bathroom fixtures two working water fountains outside. Large parking area with pull through parking for those pulling a trailer.
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Rain McKenzie
May 21, 7:39 PM
Clean restrooms lots of parking and plenty of picnic tables to sit at. Historical boards and plaques throughout the rest area as well.
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Teresa Linnell
Oct 20, 8:38 AM
Many stops here and area is always clean and so are the bathrooms.
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Justin Mauzey
Aug 20, 11:47 PM
Clean restrooms, running water, hot water. Dog park. It's kind of in a windy area and the wind can come from any which way but there are pagodas that are designed so there's always leaside with a picnic table.
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Brandi Langlois
Jun 15, 7:34 PM
Very clean, well manicured and as a woman traveling alone with my children, I felt safe stopping here. They do have very small toilets.
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