Walmart Supercenter

Fred Miller
Oct 12, 2:10 AM
Need more open lanes here I don't come here to work scanning and bagging my purchases.
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Gary McCoy
Sep 22, 10:41 PM
No cash registers were open except for 1 besides self check. I should not have to check myself out and bag my own items! I think I will start going to Krogers or Amazon
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David Amend
Sep 19, 12:45 AM
Very clean and organized. 100% better than most other Walmarts.
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Aubrey Lizabeth
Sep 9, 12:55 AM
Always a great place to grab what you need. However, I do wish they would have more checkout lanes open in the evening time
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Bertha Johnson
Aug 25, 12:15 AM
Love this Walmart. Very friendly lady works the self checkouts in the evenings. Very helpful and always smiling😁
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