Walmart Supercenter

Oct 16, 1:26 PM
Walmart is busy all the time, but you can get some pretty good deals. I found luggage marked down. You can find just about anything in store or online.
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John Toner
Sep 29, 1:17 PM
They always get rid items that people use all time I am referring to gun Harrell city Texas mtg are rude or won't help u they try charge u more than on display and say we give u $2.00 off I walk out of that Wall Mart several times any of the other Wal-Mart's are real good helping u not gun Harrell they need closed that one down completely
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Steve Flowers
Sep 8, 6:58 PM
I was the first tire customer Sunday morning. It took me 2 hours and 10 minutes to get 2 tires mounted and balanced. Ridiculous! Don't go by unless you have lots of time.
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Caitlin Weaver
Jul 31, 4:19 PM
Every time I go it’s not that bad of an experience. However, the customer service over the phone is awful. I work in customer service field so I’m very good at understanding how simple it is to speak confidently and annunciate your words. They were in a rush and answered in a rush so when asked what they were saying they said “they told me there was a call so I’m answering it do you need something?” If I called then yes. I shouldn’t feel like I’m a burden to someone who’s job is to answer calls politely. Didn’t mean to interrupt his busy day to ask if they had grocery pickup just because I don’t understand any of that. It’s supposed to be a convenience not an annoyance and I honest believe this needs to be addressed.
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Weslie Jackson
May 17, 3:25 AM
Tonight was almost a good night at Walmart. Staff was friendly and helpful, should I really say my cashier was? Will never give you a 5 star rating and most days it is a 3 star rating but today was a bit better than the normal so good job. You are usually crowded and the aisles are always being restocked but it was not the case tonight, maybe because it is not payday weekend?? Anyhow, good job cashier for being super courteous and helpful.
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