Darnell Harris
Jul 10, 9:21 PM
Small truck stop its kool get there before lunch tho lol
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Terra H
May 11, 11:50 PM
If I could give it zero I would. The Subway clerk didn't give a flying you know what about anything we wanted. But that's another review....everything was out or didn't work. The icee machine was liquid, the Sunkist was water, the sprite was flat, the root beer was flat, the lemonade out of order, the ice barely frozen. I asked to speak to a manager, his name was Mike.He said it was all fine, to let the root beer run a minute as if its not used as much it doesn't come out right....so I wasted soda (if you call it that) and still nothing. He swore the sprite was fine. It had no carbonation whatsoever. The cashier said the icee machine hasn't worked in a while (ever heard of an out of order sign). Then the manager just said its in clean mode...uhh ok..... He said he was willing to help but too lazy to even fix the carbonation on the soda in the back. The cashier said if I was going to make a mess to leave, all I did was pour out the flat soda, hence the manager, and even he was useless. Am considering calling cooperate. But is it worth it...no work ethic anymore! Oh and on a side note the pizza was actually withering on the display. Looked days old.
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Rayne Okami
Apr 26, 8:02 PM
Customer service here is great, Chris at the fuel desk was really cool, but my only true complaint is the fuel island and parking situation. They are way too close together which makes it difficult for drivers that need fuel to get in while drivers trying to park are doing just that, trying to park, leading to a backup of trucks on the street. Otherwise, nice place to fuel and go.
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Adam Potgieter
Apr 26, 1:48 AM
March 2, 2018 Pardon the rant, I’ll get it done so you won’t have to. What a stinky dump. Avoid whenever possible. It’s the concept of a $32.00 extraction fan at the pizza oven that’s beyond the grasp of management. DEF is $0.09 per gallon more expensive than elsewhere. Pump 18 has a personality of it’s own, walks you through the transaction to automatically cancel it halfway through. You’re welcome, now you know.
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Lindsey Dake
Feb 7, 11:03 PM
I come in here a few times a week to grab drinks and snacks on my way to work. Everything is clean. The bathrooms are always clean. And the staff is always amazing to me especially the super cute black man!!(I’m not racist)!! I always have a good experience here!
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Fellow Trucker
Mar 17, 4:13 PM
lots of spots
Dave F.
Jul 16, 8:35 PM
Truck stop style gas station This is the first/last truck stop before inside highway 270/St Louis. Location, location, location makes them busier therefore...
Aaron B.
Apr 25, 9:37 PM
This is a mega gas station/truck stop. Anytime I'm heading out west on 44 it's one of my top choices but one below QTs (the holy grail of gas stops). I...
Ben S.
Apr 2, 8:37 AM
It's a gas station. They have pay-at-the-pump. I've never had to wait for a pump and that is a big plus. Haven't set foot in the place even though I buy...