jon arras
Jun 13, 11:18 PM
Nice place, clean with lots of parking
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Fellow Trucker
May 1, 11:46 AM
No have rest area
few spots
Mar 12, 8:11 PM
Friendly and knowledgeable. They're locals who happily share all the current happenings and, if you like, a good bit of history. Honestly just a nice group of people.
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6klyn's 74 Nomad
Jan 15, 4:14 PM
Beautiful view. For some odd reason tho there is no parking for truckers from 7PM to 7am. I stayed about a half an hour pass 7pm with no problems but there are signs all over saying no parking from 7pm to 7am.
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Foby Coconut
Jan 10, 9:29 PM
The place is good. The guy that maintains then place likes to take pictures of people in their cars. Strange..
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Jim Cox
Oct 11, 2:00 PM
Easy to find and plenty of parking. The restrooms are very clean. Plenty of places to choose from for a quick bite.
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Tillett for Connecticut .
Oct 3, 6:30 AM
Very clean and bright in the ladies room Entertaining and educational sites are highlighted in the Welcome section Enjoy the Butterfly Garden or picnic on the well kept green
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Andrew Chark
Sep 20, 5:05 AM
This is a good place to visit. The staff cares about the conditions here. I have never seen the place unclean and it is well landscaped. Welcome to Pennsylvania.
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Robert Thomas
Sep 1, 1:25 PM
We went in to use the restroom. Beautiful rest area and very helpful. We ended up leaving and my girlfriend lost her wallet there. We promptly called them back as soon as we noticed. She ended up finding it,as she talked to us on the phone. Very nice lady and would recommend stopping there if you can. Thanks again for everything and making our day.
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Joshua Hoover
Aug 14, 2:52 PM
Nice stop, there are fuel stops next to this bathroom's are clean and neat, cool view of the mountain side. All kinds of info inside , a neat bear mount. Info for the fallen state police trooper's. Just a cool little stop .
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Jennilou Davis
Jul 7, 3:11 PM
The place to stop for info. Excellent staff. Clean and neat. Handicap accessible. Bathrooms open all night. Information area has set hours. Lots of pamphlets.
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