Walmart Supercenter

Thomas Harris
Oct 14, 7:55 PM
Found everything I was looking for. And like always, stayed longer than I want and spend more than expected. But all around great stop.
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Carolyn Schultz
Sep 29, 8:37 PM
Same as always...spend most of your time checking out.
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Carlene Shaffer
Aug 16, 8:38 PM
Good. Love our store but wish that they had more products. Also, I have to ride the electric carts and they are in terrible condition.
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Gloria Pruitt
Aug 10, 10:56 PM
Very nice lady helped me in fabrics. Had wrong prices on material I bought an she straightened it out because I wasn't in a hurry!#!!!!
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Tammy Torson
May 11, 5:35 PM
I love love love the new grocery pick up! This is going to be even better in the winter when I hate to go out! Use this option people on rainy days or days when you have the kids and are not in the mood to chase them around the store! It is easy using the app on my phone!
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