Treavor Munoz
Apr 8, 6:31 AM
Was a loyal customer went there almost everyday but won't be giving them my business anymore waited 20 mins to buy one thing
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Rick Phillips
Dec 1, 12:05 AM
Love's, is kind of an expanded quick shop. With a deli section and other things you don't normally find in a Kwik Shop. I love going to Love's.
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Lana Bailey
Nov 19, 3:21 AM
I work at a job that requires I stay at all times, so I get my coworkers who are allowed breaks to go to the Subway and to make it easier, we call them the order. EVERY TIME, straight attitude, like it is a burden for them to write down a phone order before it's made. Next time, I will have 5 or 10 sandwiches and just walk in with the order. And if it isn't done fast enough, I will call their general manager. Lose the Attitude and be Thankful!!!!
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Amy Daniel
Jul 5, 1:16 PM
So friendly!
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Mercedes Beebe
Jun 22, 5:20 PM
I went in there for a dang cream cheese and berry danish and a whey gatorade bar and i come out with no danish or bar .
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