Country Store

Maria Vargas
Jan 18, 12:46 AM
I went in earlier tonight and the minute I got in there the two men working started complaining about how they want to get off of work and how they hate it there and not paying attention to me (the customer). While I was getting my subways, a man went up to the counter , keep in mind that he’s a Mexican and can’t speak very well English so the cashier told him how much everything cost and the Mexican gave him extra cash because he wasn’t sure how much it was. The cashier then starts being rude toward the man and and rolling his eyes. Me being Mexican I do not appreciate that at all from him. I understand if you have a problem against us Mexicans , everybody has a right to have their own opinion but they are still customers and should be treated with respect. Overall this store was filled with judgement, disrespect , and not paying attention to what your customer needs. I hate to leave a bad review but that just frustrates me.
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The Atypical Hustlers
Dec 17, 10:59 AM
Great place! Our only issue is we are night owls and we always go in at late hours and they only have one person working overnight and when there is a subway line the wait could be anywhere from 30-40 min to get checked out. It’s not on the employee issue just poor management on business end.
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Treavor Munoz
Apr 8, 6:31 AM
Was a loyal customer went there almost everyday but won't be giving them my business anymore waited 20 mins to buy one thing
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Rick Phillips
Dec 1, 12:05 AM
Love's, is kind of an expanded quick shop. With a deli section and other things you don't normally find in a Kwik Shop. I love going to Love's.
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Lana Bailey
Nov 19, 3:21 AM
I work at a job that requires I stay at all times, so I get my coworkers who are allowed breaks to go to the Subway and to make it easier, we call them the order. EVERY TIME, straight attitude, like it is a burden for them to write down a phone order before it's made. Next time, I will have 5 or 10 sandwiches and just walk in with the order. And if it isn't done fast enough, I will call their general manager. Lose the Attitude and be Thankful!!!!
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