Border Crossing

Daniel Coronado Sr.
Aug 4, 3:32 PM
Almost everytime I cross from Mexico to the United States is a headache, due to the unprofessional officer's, including supervisor's. I get profiled because of the way I look. Hardly travel to Mexico, because of this.
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Human Rights
Jul 18, 5:03 AM
It's really easy to cross into the United States at this point. If you're looking to get across quickly and you are walking I highly recommend using this point we're leaving Mexican returning to the United States.
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Tatiana B
May 29, 2:32 PM
Ripped and broke my custom made item, put a glove on it so it doesn't fall apart. Didn't even apologize.
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Anuk Blum
Feb 11, 3:35 AM
Very nice and professional border officers. After our horrible experience with the incompetents in Matamoros Mexico, it was a breeze crossing into the States, compared to the southern states that belong to the third world as far as professionalism and hospitality is concerned. Bravo, to the American officers, Shame on the Mexican ones and all the others in Central America, except for those in El Salvador who were wonderful. Thank you.
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Sylvia Medrano
Aug 17, 12:08 PM
Sometimes the line is so slow, but in general it's good and necessary
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