Tiona Sechrest
Feb 20, 11:41 AM
It's BP, nothing major to report. They do have GREAT food there.
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Chance Meyers
Jan 5, 12:27 AM
Nice people own the place,Very happy to help ya out.
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John Jones
Dec 27, 4:29 AM
You can call in an order your pizza I actually prefer their Pizza over than some of the big chains Huggies as well.
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Fellow Trucker
Sep 27, 11:21 AM
some spots
Beverly White
Jul 9, 11:50 PM
Convenient on US 50. Gas prices are usually reasonably/competitive. Clean inside with patron bathrooms. Very friendly. Tasty got food: pizza, hoagies, etc.
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Totally Rad Chad
May 14, 9:57 AM
I stopped here while my friends and I drove from Cincinnati to Louisville to look at a boat. I usually don't like gas station food, but the pizza was so good, I bought two boxes for the road. I can't remember what we paid for gas, but the food was just outstanding, and affordable. Who'd have thought a gas station in the middle of nowhere would be the place for some of the best pizza I ever ate?
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