Country Store

Mr. J
Jun 14, 6:49 AM
Highest gas prices in town. How do you stay in business ripping off everyone? Gas prices 20 cents higher a gallon, it is not worth it, they get their gas same place every other station does.
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S.L. Combs
Dec 14, 12:57 AM
If you lose your debit card in the parking lot and ask them to check if it's out there they'll refuse to go look. They used to have good employees. Friendly. Helpful. Nothing but trash working there now.
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Edith Brannum
Aug 28, 11:36 PM
Cigs r cheeper and there friendly
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alamobill1 .
Jul 22, 3:30 AM
Fast and friendly!! Excellent, No ethanol!!
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David McCoin
Nov 22, 5:23 PM
The crew here was so awesome and good natured even with the bathroom out of service. Possibly the most outstanding service I have seen.
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