Nicole Wilkerson
Feb 5, 1:02 PM
My husband and I own a trucking company and stopped here for the night... we went in to shower and came out to buy ice and soup... the security guard was following us so close ( breathing down our neck I was uncomfortable) I guess they’re use to people stealing at this location.... I had no intention on stealing 8 dollars worth of items considering we spend 1500 a week in fuel at love’s locations and shop in their stores all the time... the cashier was beyond rude , she needed to go home with that attitude.... i hope we never have to stop here again at this location ...
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Sean B.
Dec 28, 9:21 PM
Scariest truck stop i’ve ever been too. I got cornered aggressively in the restroom and accosted for money. Then some street walker asked me for money out in the parking lot while I was still shaken up. I can tell management is trying to clean the place up and they really do care. The staff was really friendly and i had Subway which was probably the best Subway that I’ve ever had. I won’t be coming back however due to how rough this place is. It’s not really Love’s fault, it’s just the area that it’s located in.
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Thompson Trucking & Logistics
Dec 18, 10:52 PM
Wait for truck service is horrible!!!! I will never use nor refer anyone to this location!! And I advise people to avoid at all cost!!!! At literally sat here and watched the one mechanic work on one truck from 5am to 4 PM and do 1 service call while the Flunky other dudes do absolutely nothing all day !!! Get it together please
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ahmed powers
Nov 12, 6:16 PM
Mr Wes Anderson works wonders in this busy place. Great job guys. Very friendly people. 🙂
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Henry G
Oct 30, 3:25 AM
Restrooms and showers are clean if your truck driver. Subway was delicious and I also tried the McDonald's which took a little bit longer to order but food was cooked good too. The staff was friendly at the Love's, Subway, McDonalds. I normally do not leave a comment but I was making conversation with everybody and so far they all were nice
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