bosancium bih
Jul 11, 5:12 PM
Even if it's the middle of the day not feeling safe. Bad area! Keep far away! Truck driver friends gas pump area is NOT rest area or parking lot or your private parking lot so M. O. V. E.!!!!!
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Greg Whisler
May 8, 3:35 PM
clean truckstop. easy off and on 370
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Keith Badalamente
Apr 1, 3:57 AM
Got there at 11pm. Guard blocking auto driveway motions us to leave. I asked why since it appeared they were open and got the answer, "It's too dangerous. You want to get shot?" Not quite the response I was expecting. Clerk at another location explained they close the auto side at 11pm for safety reasons. Much more professional response.
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Kinsi Keys
Mar 13, 9:33 AM
Will never come here again. Got here at 8pm and first off, parking sucks! There are no places for bobtails, so they are taking up full spaces. Had to park far in the back and was immediately approached by a homeless guy asking for food or money. Gave him a box of donuts, but then asked if we could just give him the change we had at least. Then walked up to the next truck that came in and parked. This is definitely not the place to stay, won't come back! Don't feel safe at all! Also, prostitutes walking around looking for John's!
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Feb 5, 6:27 PM
I do not like the parking lot it is a little small and cramp to me and Ii feels a bit shady there.
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