Border Crossing

Brianna G.
Jul 26, 1:03 AM
I've been waiting for the last 4 hours with an enormous amount of cars waiting while there are only 4 lanes open. This is so unacceptable. Get it together,...
The Music Studio
May 1, 5:17 PM
Great infrastructure with very poor service. There are few good polite courteous officers but unfortunately rude power trip bad attitude cbp employees seems to be the norm. Overall cbp deserves less than a star, service is better and more human in some undeveloped countries.
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Conan Ma
Mar 1, 6:09 PM
The guys are very precautious, professional, responsible and nice. The waiting line was short, the line for i-94 was a little bit long, more than 1 hour, which is understandable. But its fine and way better than San Yistro, which was half a mile waiting line from the entrance only, probably not even to mention the i-94 waiting line. ;-)
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George K.
Dec 7, 12:55 PM
Much better than main entrance, we wait half the time here, usually 1-2 hours with 1.5 hours average. We drive to TJ often for dental work and tacos:))...
Lunnallena Solbrillante
Oct 28, 4:12 AM
Its was a very good customer service and and the ready line was quickly.
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Vicki C.
May 6, 3:55 PM
On my last trip to Ensenada I took the new toll road that leads to Otay Mesa. All of the toll booths along the route were "staffed" with plenty of people...
M II Media
Mar 17, 7:01 AM
The worst border crossing in the world!!! Do not go to Mexico unless you want to wait in 6 hours of traffic to come back???. Do not cross from California into Mexico unless you are aböut to sign freaking movie deal and your taking a private jet back!!! Take this advice or you will be in traffic until eligible for social security!!!!
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Rudy Ornelas
Apr 5, 3:15 AM
Waiting in line is terrible! I'ma just get the sentri pass next time. If you walk thru the border patrol are nice to you.
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Walter Macalma
Jan 25, 10:20 PM
Construction, always under construction and this is what leads to inaccuracies between GPS directions. Came here for my SENTRI interview. Parking is insufficient and the lane to get there is super tight for 2 vehicles. It's hard to miss the signs to the office once you are there and the instructions they give you are clear, a very DMV feel to it. The line moves quick and they take all your documents. I was called a few minutes late, but I also got there early because I knew delays were inevitable and I was right. Once I got to the interview I was printed, paid and on my way in under 30 minutes. My interviewer was nice, quick and to the point, answered my questions and also gave some of her own personal stories about her 17 year old cat and someone freaking out about privacy. Oh office Anderson. The back bench for waiting to pay is bulletproof, but the speaking is ineffective, so be sure you are keeping an eye out, you'll see their mouth move and hear very little. The woman at the counter who greeted and checked me was really nice. Something that I did notice was the TV was on the news and was depressing and the chairs were super hard. I am not a tall man, but I've never seen so many dangling feet. The bathroom was right behind the waiting area. No cell phone use, for security reasons of course. Due to heavy foot traffic there are surprisingly few trashcans and though a smoking area is off to the side it's unofficial, just me and some officers blasting away at our cigarettes. Way better than waiting months for San Ysidro's location.
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Jun 12, 12:36 AM
slow like as turtle,holy christ
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