Walmart Supercenter

Frankn Berry
Oct 10, 6:31 PM
Sue the troll in lawn and garden gaurds her lawn and garden items very well. Those who dare to buy a shrub or a stone must be brave of heart and have strength to endure Sue's wrath. Over the summer, I was in line behind a woman who Sue was arguing with. The woman used the wrong card and the register declined her card. So she says to Sue the troll, oh I'm sorry I used the wrong card. Sue retorts with yeah right you just don't have any money!
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Sabrina Sandy
Oct 6, 1:53 PM
Had a bad experience. I went and asked two different employees to help find a certain remote and they both said they couldn't find it cause they didnt work electronics.
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Justin Hedges
Oct 1, 4:41 PM
It's good the electric center got a face lift but in my opinion I think they should redo the floors and make it a darker floor that way every thing doesn't look dirty or old. But it's a good store still needs more work....
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Pete Mauser
Sep 26, 9:04 AM
Clean and well organized store. Very helpful and friendly customer service and store personnel.
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I.L. Carmon
May 19, 2:51 PM
This store is shockingly pretty well organized for a Walmart store. I walked through different departments from grocery, to produce, meat, pharmacy, etc., and everything was very neatly placed on shelves in its proper spots. Amazing! Four stars because as is typical of Walmart, the customer service is bad. Ample parking lot and other shopping and eating places near by. Nice area.
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