Walmart Supercenter

Hurstin Miller
Jun 20, 6:17 PM
I try my very best NOT to go there , due to the lack of cashiers!
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Tsunami Striker
Jun 17, 7:54 PM
It is walmart i just wish they would go back to 24 hours already. 2nd shift at honda would rather prefer to do their shopping after work instead of having to wait until the weekend
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James Brown
Jun 2, 5:26 PM
The Marysville location is great. Normally always have what I want on the shelf. Can't say the same for Springfield or Urbana.
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Matthew Shoup
May 31, 8:09 PM
The Covid madness continues...
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Gary Yurco
May 27, 4:43 PM
Didn't need much this trip. A couple of small throw pillows wife wanted & a bag of broccoli is all I needed. Store is clean. Checkouts not crowded at this time of day. Staff wearing masks. Not all patrons are wearing a mask however. I do.
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