AMBEST Fuel Stop

Adrian Muniz
Jun 5, 3:15 PM
The cook with the barbwire tattoo was grabbing her phone and then grabbing tortillas and food without switching out her gloves!! We are in the middle of a pandemic!? And then she has an attitude when you don’t answer how she wants by far the dirtiest and most unsanitary place I have ever stepped foot in and that speaks volumes when you’re in West Texas
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Leah Nunez licon
May 22, 11:29 PM
Horrible service and the workers are rude and have attitudes with their customers
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Miguel Gutierrez
Jan 31, 3:28 PM
I don't understand why they don't have Salt ? For the customer s. Who buy tacos?? Then i asked 4 salt and the 2 Lady's. In charge said if there is no salt where it is supposed to be . then there is no Salt!!!!! Ok tortillas. Were. Raw? Management was inconvenient to talk to!!!! Rude
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Kary Hance
Sep 12, 10:06 PM
Stop here for some Mexican food because I heard it was good Only problem is it looked like it had been sitting there for 2 days Seriously this place is filthy dirty The text Department of Health should close place down on top of that the guy behind the counter spoke no English in short build the wall
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Jose Vargas
Feb 21, 9:52 AM
Very Good Service And Workers!!!
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