Jason W.
Jun 7, 7:29 PM
It seems that the corporate offices have forgotten about the Loves Truck and Travel Center #453 in Cottondale, Fl. This location has not a clue of customer...
Nov 29, 12:07 AM
lot is full
Karen T.
May 21, 8:36 AM
Love's Travel Stops are typically a good choice during road trips. They have a great layout at the pumps. Easy in and out because the pumps are widely...
Wayne Peck
May 1, 11:10 PM
Nice store and its clean. Staff was nice too. 4 stars due to nothing around it so not a good place to do a 34hr.
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Jennifer Medeiros
Apr 3, 7:04 PM
My husband is a truck driver. The ladies bathroom line was well into the store drink section, at least ten people. The bathroom has 4 stalls. One stall was filthy with feces smeared all over the toilet seat. No one went to clean it up. Only 3 stalls were in operation. This Loves is extremely busy and the ladies bathroom only had 3 stalls. Absurd. The big rig in front of my husband pulled forward and just left his rig parked, blocked the pump exit. We had to track the guy down after 20 minutes. He was lollygagging inside the store. We could not leave until he moved his rig. I do not recommend stopping here.
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Jeff B.
Mar 14, 2:58 PM
Friendly service, choice of 2 fast foods in one stop, window cleaning supplies filled, near the freeway. Good stop.
Adam Westmoreland
Feb 9, 3:39 PM
Good service. Variety of choices of fast food (churches chicken, McDonald's, gas station food.)
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Dec 18, 2:06 AM
The Travel Center overall it's okay, I tried telling the manager I got burn the showers today and the guy acted like I was crazy so I called corporate and told them. The average employee is much more capable then the morning manager. I bumped the knob in the shower by accident. A shower should never be able to get hot enough to burn the skin I'm still Medicaiding in the spot where I got burn. I was not trying to make a big deal out of it just wanted to inform them of the issue with the shower temperature.
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Christine Oglesby
Nov 26, 5:21 AM
A good place to stop and stretch your legs on a long trip. Goodies galore and grab a lotto ticket while your there. Bathrooms are always needing to be tidied up. But none-the-less a good stopping spot.
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Fellow Trucker
May 15, 4:17 AM
lots of spots